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then mayb basball

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だい 「Aiji」 says:
i have to post to my livejournal about this

red_audrey on April 30th, 2008 09:27 pm (local)
That's one of my top 5, Janne Da Arc. Their singer, yasu, is a tremendous slut who openly admitted that his fetish is (giving, I assume) oral in an American magazine, and gave advice in a column to girls who wrote in to leave their boyfriends for him. He also wrote a weird self-insert novel. Usually he sluts all over their bassist, ka-yu, who has giant horse teeth and more piercings and tattoos than room on his body. Their guitarist, you, seems way too normal for the band. Their keyboardist, kiyo, is fat and talks only about food and just put out the most perplexing DVD where he played pool on a soccer field and took only right turns at convenient stores. Their drummer, shuji (slutty jackdaniels), is an old man who is like Speed Racer.

^thats my best friend. <3

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married to kenichi ito chaos_sequence at marry_a_ljuser forever.<3 :>